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Knitted Greed

After knitting my son a couple of years a ago I now wanted to try to knit the seven deadly sins. For lust I knitted dildo’s and for gluttony I made a few giant gummy bears. But I want to show you greed. Because greed took me more than a year. It took me a year to knit the symbol of avaritia not because the knitting was a lot of work, which it of course was. But making greed was hard because it my subject is such a really nasty dude. I try not to mention his name in this piece, just like they do not mention Voldemort in Harry Potter (But I think you all know who he is). Anyway, it is such a negative man that it was hard to put love in the knitting and make it look good. But when I put all the pieces together, and especially putting it next to my knitted dildo’s and gummy bears, it makes a nice set. 


Disco dildo

Tony's etui

Crotch stitches



Videoclip Huiselijk Haken met Club Geluk




Stranger Things trui - RUN

Pin-up cushion en softijs met spelden als spikkels


Geloof, hoop & liefde


Gebreide zoon in Fries Museum



Mijn gebreide zoon


Darn! Men with yarn

Gebreide graffiti

Real granny squares

Knitted dinner

Reep voor Tony's


gebreide sigaretten


gebreide pindakaas


Borduurwerk van 150 cm x 100 cm

gebreide apple

Oldschool mac muis voor de Ton Ton Club 

Geborduurde keuken voor Flavourites Live 



VPRO gids

Hendrik Groen

Borduurwerk van geboortekaartje


Ei met spek