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Huiselijk haken met Club Geluk and our crochet and knit journal is unfornately only in Dutch. Yes, that sucks. But our soon to be Christmas book will be in English also! 

 Videoclip Huiselijk haken met Club Geluk

We made a video clip to celebrate our crochet debut. We dansed our eighties ass of with our aerobics friends!

With lots of thanks to: Marous, Dominic, Astrid, Marielle, Tjits, Mariza, Arjen, Swannet, Gaid, Ester, Saskia, Marjolein and Aryati . Thank you for being our showballet for a day.  



Wol of fame - en meer Rich & Famous in our knits

 Miljuschka Witzenhausen

Jetske van Elsen


Henk Mouwe en Manuela Kemp


Bij omroep Max. Met Mike Boddé net niet in onze trui, maar getting close.


Dieuwertje Blok

Loretta Schrijver

Knitted Jimmy Carr

We have knitted Jimmy Carr for his show 8 out of 10 cats does Countdown. Look at his knitted transformation: