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LINDA.festival - September 29 and 30

Workshop crocheting penisses and knitting vagina's for  LINDA.festival. Make a tiny penis or vagina and wear it like a broche. 

Choose from 'fifty shades of brownish pink', and make every sort of genitals. 

The workshops are held ont both festivalday on september 29 and 30. Buy your ticket here



Sundaymarket Westergas on 2 and 16 december 2018

From 12.00 to 18.00. Click here for more info.

Already been

September 13 2018

Knittig and crocheting little dicks at main stage at Paradiso from 7PM-10PM.



Silent disco with our videoclip on Creative Life! |




Presentation for Regia yarn at H&H in Koln with Arne & Carlos and Vogue Knitting


Linda festival 


Libelle Zomerweek

Knit cafe with Zeeman in Utrecht and Antwerpen

Knit & Knot & Creative Life

Snor in the Snorfabriek


Workshops and exposition at Willet Holthuysen museum


Etalage en workshops bij Frozen Fountain


Expositie bij ELLE Decoration live 


Kreadoe 2016
Op woensdag 2 november staan wij bij de stand van Brouwer met onze boeken en breisels

Boekpresentatie bij Wolplein op zaterdag 29 oktober

Knitted son in Fries museum